Thursday, April 1, 2010

I Welcome Comments

I welcome comments, but not spam. Therefore I had to start moderating my comments before they are posted. I hate to do it, but some idiot decided to post a comment that made no sense, and when I clicked on the profile name I was directed to a spam website.

Please do not let this deter you from leaving comments. I welcome all that actually pertain to my blog.

What A Month

The sun and nicer weather kept trying to come out, but the winter didn't want to go easily. Now that we have gotten into better weather it is a lot easier to get into those activities that get me off of my duff. Lots of yard work, hiking, walks in the neighborhood just to name a few.

It was a GREAT month for my weight loss. I had set as my goal a minimum of 4 lbs to lose during March. The actual was 8.5 lbs. And yes, I needed to mention the half pound because it put me under a hair.

My April goal will be the same - lose a minimum of 4lbs. Yes - I should lose more, but I have to remember that my goal when starting on this journey was to lose an average of at least 1 lb per week. Anything above that is great and a blessing.

I plan on having a great month. I want you to have one as well. Set your goals, set your plan to achieve them, and work your plan.