Thursday, March 25, 2010

It's Been A Long, Long Time

Well - it feels like it anyway. Since the dreary part of winter (even in the south) has FINALLY passed I have been otherwise occupied and this blog has gone down on the priority list. Of course, this weight loss journey continues and WILL continue.

I've been on 3 hikes these past 3 weekends. A couple of the trails I do regularly, the other was with a old friend I hadn't seen in forever. I've used these hikes (4-5 miles) kind of as a "get-the-winter-rust-off" hikes. I didn't worry about the scenery or stopping to look at any foliage (especially since there wasn't any to speak of yet). One big thing I've noticed this year over last year is that I'm able to get through the hikes quicker and not having to stop and catch my breath after any of the hills. And, I've vowed to up my trail mileage this year to 6-8 miles on most weekends.

I will be going on a trail within the next couple of weeks that I was on last year. It has a hill that kind of kicked my butt. When I was on it last year I told that hill that I would be back - in better shape - and this time I would be the victor.

I still have a long ways to go. However, its these small victories that I use as "mental vitamins" for the journey.

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